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Rotabroach ® Heavy Duty Industrial Cutters


M2 H.S.S.

Heavy Duty w/ Weldon Shanks & Hougen Edge ®

“53,000-Series” – 3″ D.O.C.
“54,000-Series” – 4″ D.O.C.
“56,000-Series” – 6″

Heavy Duty Construction

These heavy duty Rotabroach Industrial Cutters are “tougher” tools which allow heavier feeds with increased speeds and deeper holes. The Cutters have thicker walls (.264″) and inside margins to decrease I.D. welding and provide a better flow of coolant to the tool and its cutting edges. This results in improved tool life and more manageable chips. In-plant tests were successful at 24 IPM in mild steel.

Large Dia. & Deep Holes

Rotabroach Cutters will produce thru holes up to 4″ dia. in materials up to 6″ thick. Larger dia. and special depths are available on request. Cutters are designed for use on conventional machine tools and machining centers and will lower your cost per hole in production applications. Setups require internal lubrication through the spindle or coolant inducer tool holder.

Effective on Difficult to Machine Materials

Rotabroach Cutters will produce holes in many high-strength, exotic metals that are either difficult or impossible to machine by conventional tools…and the alternating tooth design of Hougen-Edge geometry provides smoother cutting action.


Titanium Nitride Coated M2 H.S.S.

Heavy Duty w/ Weldon Shanks & Hougen Edge ®



“33,000-Series” – 3″ D.O.C.

“34,000-Series” – 4″ D.O.C.

“36,000-Series” – 6″ D.O.C.

TiN Coated for Extra Wear

TiN coated M2 high speed steel Rotabroach Cutters are for higher speeds, greater endurance, deep holes, and harder materials. The TiN coating reduces friction and operates at cooler temperatures while presenting a harder cutting edge surface. Increased speeds of 15 to 25% are recommended to obtain the optimal benefits of this coating option. Reduction in friction and resistance to edge build-up are the key benefits of TiN coating. The ability to run at higher speeds with less power is most helpful for applications where the machine tool is underpowered at low speeds. TiN Coated tools are recommended for use on materials to 325 BHN. Reground tools will give comparable results to those of new tools, since regrinding is only performed on the end clearance.

Premium Cobalt Grade H.S.S.

Heavy Duty w/ Weldon Shanks & Hougen Edge ®



“63,000-Series” – 3″ D.O.C.

“64,000-Series” – 4″ D.O.C.

“66,000-Series” – 6″ D.O.C.



For Harder Materials

Cobalt grade H.S.S. Rotabroach Cutters provide maximum performance on hard materials (BHN 225 to 350) or materials with abrasive cutting characteristics. Generally, this tool can be run at 10% higher speeds than M2 H.S.S.
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