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Amada Band Saw Blades — MGLB

General  Purpose  Matrix Bi-Metal Blade



The MGLB is best suited for cutting structural shapes, tubing and stacks of mild steel pieces. The MGLB allows band saw machines to cut a wide range of material sizes and shapes without requiring a change of blades. Its tough high-speed steel teeth resist chipping, stripping and abrasion. It can also tolerate the occasional improper speeds and feeds that are often used by inexperienced saw operators.


  • Hardness of HRC67-68
  • Matrix cobalt high speed steel edge
  • Specially designed tooth form
  • Wide Set available

When a roll-formed large-size I-beam is cut, stress relieving may occur, pinching the blade. In order to prevent damage to the blade, a “WS” (Wide Set) type is available for MGLB.


  • High wear resistance
  • Tough shock resistant tooth edge



  • High production rate
  • Low cost per cut
  • Long life on mild solid steel and heavy wall tubing and structural



MGLB, Straight Pitch, General Purpose Matrix Bi-Metal Blades

Width Thickness Pitch
3 4 6 10 14
1/4″ 0.035 V V
3/8″ 0.035 V
1/2″ 0.035 V V V V

V: Variable Positive Rake

MGLB, Varied Pitch Matrix Bi-Metal Blade

Width Thickness Pitch
2/3 3/4 4/6 5/7 6/10 8/12 10/14
3/4″ 0.035 V V V V V V
1″ 0.035 V V V V V V
1 1/4″ 0.042 V V V V V
1 1/2″ 0.05 V V V V
2″ 0.063 V V/WS V

V: Variable positive Rake WS: Wide Set   
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