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Amada CNC Band Saw — CTB400

Programmable Automatic Metal Cutting



CNC-controlled band saws for the use with carbide tipped band saw blades, producing more efficient and accurate cutting than is possible using conventional Bi-metal blades.

Saw Head Frame

The rigid ‘C’ section frame carries the mountings for the two band wheels, heavy duty worm drive gear reducer, the band drive motor and saw guide arm mounting supports. The saw head is supported and guided by LM linear bearings. The bearing rail is mounted on the head’s vertical center of gravity for better stability.

Drive Wheel Transmission

The drive wheel worm gear transmission is designed and built by Amada to provide high efficiency speed reduction, which requires no external cooling, to deliver more power to the large diameter drive flange which is mounted on the drive wheel. This flange ensures that this developed torque is transferred to the blade with no strobing, enabling the machine to efficiently cut high alloys as well as free machining materials. The entire drive assembly up to the wheel is sealed against chips or cutting fluid to for long maintenance free operation.

CNC Saw Feed Control

The CNC controller has 220 materials pre-programmed and provision for 100 user materials. The controller will automatically vary the feed rate of the saw head for materials with a changing cross section to ensure the fastest cutting time and best surface finish. When using Amada Triple Chip Carbide blade on a changing cross section, the cutting rate will be significantly faster than conventional HSS blades with an exceptional surface finish not available with normal band saw blades.

Band Deviation Monitor

The CNC controller constantly monitors the cutting and blade conditions including the twist of the saw blade. The maximum allowable twist is specified for each direction. When either of these values is exceed, the preset parameters in the automatic blade runout detector the machine will cease cutting and indicate the reason for stopping.

Smart Multiple Index

The NC micro processor controls the index cycle enabling the machine to cut different lengths in sequence from the same work piece and provides a ‘Smart Multiple Index’ cycle for cut lengths greater than the single index stroke of 11.8 in. (300 mm). The index cycle makes full length index passes.

Multiple Index

The machine control has the capability to make up to 2 index passes giving a maximum cut length of 31.5 in. (800 mm.) in automatic.

Split Front Vise

The work holding vise is split so that it clamps the work piece on both sides of the cutting plane. This additional support in front of the cutting plane minimizes the burr on the cut pieces.


Machine Capacity

1.18 – 16.9 in.
30 – 430 mm
Rectangle W x H
1.18 – 16.9 x 16.9 in.
30 – 430 x 430 mm
5,500 lbs. Max.
2,500 kg Max.


Saw Blade

1 1/2 in.
40 mm
0.055 in.
1.40 mm
197 in.
5,000 mm
Band twist
60 °
Band speed
45-490 fpm.
15-150 mpm.


Band Wheels

20.67 in.
525 mm
Cast iron


Infeed & Discharge Tables

39.4 in.
1,000 mm


Index Length

Front vise (infeed side)
11.81 in.
300 mm
Rear (discharge side)
15.8 in.
400 mm
Smart multiple index passes to
99.999 in.
9999.9 mm
Remnant length (single piece)
0.6 in.
15 mm



10 hp
7.2 kW.
2 hp
1.44 kW.
Cutting fluid
0.24 hp
180 W.
Chip brush
0.12 hp
100 W.


Fluid Capacities

9.2 gal
35 l.
Hydraulic pump delivery
6.4 gpm.
35.0 lpm.
Hydraulic pump capacity
498 psi
27 kg/cm ²
Cutting  fluid
60 gal.
230 l.
Urethane hammer effect
Amada focal orange and black
Machine weight
7,710 lbs.
3,500 kg
Floor area
88.9 x 89 in.
2,257 x 2,260 mm
90.7 in. Max
2,304 mm Max


Electrical Equipment

Electrical enclosure with door mounted, fused main line disconnect switch. The panel contains motor starter relays with overloads, control voltage transformer (110 v secondary) terminal strips, timer module and control relays. The operator’s control interface has all manual and automatic function initiation. Supply voltage 208-230/220-460v/60/3.

Standard Equipment

  • CNC controlled material indexing
  • CNC cutting feed & band speed control based on alloy & shape
  • CNC self diagnostics for all machine systems
  • Plasma display of all system parameters
  • Memory backup by built in battery
  • Automatically crop cut cycle
  • Automatically cut different lengths from the same bar
  • Automatic band deviation monitor
  • Automatic diagnostics of machine systems
  • Automatic work height and rapid approach control
  • Automatic slat chip conveyor
  • Automatic chip brush positioning
  • Direct band drive via inverter speed control & worm gear reducer
  • Access door safety interlock switch
  • Anti vibration blade roller
  • Hydraulically clamped tungsten carbide saw blade guides
  • Independent lateral travel of both material clamping vises
  • Smart multiple index cycle
  • Idler wheel motion detector
  • Front mounted digital index length setting
  • Powered manual index vise positioning
  • Hydraulically clamped tungsten carbide saw blade guides
  • Cutting fluid nozzles for cut lubrication



Vertical clamps for bundle cutting of multiple bars
2-6 in. wide x 4.5-7.9 in.
50-150 mm wide x 115-200 mm
Remnant end
7.7 in.
195 mm


Idler Roller Table

87 in.
2,200 mm
3,300 lbs.
1,500 kg


Roller Stand

1,100 lbs.
500 kg


Adjustable vise pressure control

Adjustable vise pressure control for the clamping of thin walled tubular sections.

Zero clamp base

Mist coolant system for application of bi-polar cutting fluids.


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