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Spartan Plate Saw — PS 24100-CC




Vertical moving head cross-cut plate saw with 1.5 inch blade and 7.5 H.P. motor. Capacity 24″ Height x 100″ Depth x 24″ Round


  • Capacity:   24 Inch Height x   100 Inch Depth x 24 Inch Round.
  • Blade:  1.5” width x .050” thickness x 32’ 6” length.  
  • Blade Tension: Hydraulically controlled tension at a constant 40,000 psi, ensures squareness of cut.
  • Saw Head: Movement via hydraulic cylinder on precision linear ways.  
  • Table Height:   51.25 Inches.
  • Motion Detector:  Shuts off   the machine in case of blade break or stall.
  • Speed  Range:  50-230 sfpm (15-75 m/min.) inverter controlled, infinitely variable, driven by heavy-duty worm gear transmission.
  • Electronic Tachometer:  Provides accurate Blade Speed setting and readout.  
  • Hydraulic Feed:  Feed rate and feed pressure are controlled independently for optimum cutting rates and blade life.   Setup is simplified with color-coded dials allowing operator to select the proper range for each material type.
  • Motors:     
  • Blade Drive                              7.5 H.P.
  • Hydraulic Pump                   3.0 H.P.
  • Coolant Pump                         .75 H.P.
  • Automatic Chip Removal:    The chip auger rotating in the coolant return removes chips quickly and efficiently, freeing the operator to perform more productive operations.
  • Blade Guides:  A combination of roller bearing and hydraulically actuated carbide blade guides assure the blade is held taut for fast, accurate cuts.
  • Movable Guide Arm:  The cast iron guide arm is positioned through a Hydraulic Cylinder, and is then hydraulically locked in position.
  • Chip Brush:  Powered brush changes speed along with the blade to assure that chips are being removed from each gullet of the blade, improving cutting performance and blade life.
  • Vise Jaws:  The full stroke vise jaws assure that even the largest piece of material will be held quickly and securely. Each vise can provide up to 6085 lbs. of clamping force.



Capacity 24 Inch Height x   100 Inch Depth
Capacity 24” Round
Blade Tension 40,000 PSI
Speed Range 50 — 230 SFPM (15-75m/min.)
Blade Size 1.5” width x .050” thickness x 32’ 6” length.
Work Height 51.25″
Blade Drive 7.5 H.P.
Hydraulic Pump 3.0 H.P.
Coolant Pump .75 H.P.
Weight Capacity 40,000 lbs
Weight of Machine 19,800 lbs


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